Hip Hip Hooray! 2/e (第二版) Studentbook 4 (with CD)

料號(EAN): 9789888644308
ISBN: 9789888644308
出 版 社: Pearson Education
出版日期: 2010/1/15
系列名稱: Hip Hip Hooray 2/e (第二版)
級 別: Level 4
頁 數: 112
長 寬 高: 280x217x0mm
語 系: 英語
裝 訂: 平裝



Hip Hip Hooray! 全新第二版,全面更新課程架構,新增E化教學系統,讓語言教與學更豐富多元。保留為人所稱道的「看故事學英文」教學架構,融入現代化風格的插畫,更能吸引新世代的學習者。





▌Class Audio CDs含課本及作業本完整音檔(含聽力練習音檔)。CD A收錄前四單元及兩個複習,CD B收錄後四單元及最後兩個複習。

▌Phonics 另獨立於 Phonics Book A & B 兩冊中教授,讓學生更能有系統地學習發音規則。

▌每冊一頁 Evaluation,幫助老師記錄學生的學習狀況。

▌評量系統完整,課本中有單元測驗、 Have Fun(遊戲式口語測驗)以及 Review Test。另提供教學資源光碟含單元測驗、國中文法對照表、單字表、級數證書、課程規劃等,有需要請洽敦煌書局業務代表

▌Active Teach(互動式電子白板教學光碟)互動性高,可連結音檔讓學生做單句跟讀練習,加強訓練口語能力。

▌Picture Cards長25.2公分,寬20.4公分,包含各級數字彙。卡片的一面是單元字彙,一面是該字彙的圖片,可於字彙教學時作為閃示卡使用。

▌Activity Cards長13.2公分,寬9.5公分,包含各級數字彙。卡片的一面採Activity Cards封面設計,另一面的上方是單元字彙的圖片、下方為單元字彙,可讓學生兩人練習或供小組活動使用。




★★★ 經典故事,全新風貌 ★★★

∥ 重新詮釋孩子們熟悉的經典故事,讓文法學習更簡單。

∥ 全新增加配件:更好,更多元內容,更人性化設計,更明亮的配色~

★★★ 全新規劃的評量系統 ★★★

∥ 新增單元測驗:每單元最後皆有一頁包含了聽力、閱讀或寫作的單元測驗,可評分,老師能立即測試該單元的學習成果。

∥ Have Fun(遊戲式口語測驗):每單元最後有一頁非正式的評量,透過遊戲的方式測試學生口語能力。

∥ Review(檢視學生學習深度):每兩個單元有一個Review,透過Q&A、角色扮演、貼紙遊戲等,來複習單元重點字彙及句型。老師可視課堂狀況以一對一或是小組練習的方式來進行。第一二冊書後附貼紙可運用。

★★★ 全新的E-化教學系統 ★★★

∥ Active Teach(互動式電子白板教學光碟)互動性高,例如:可連結音檔讓學生做單句跟讀練習,加強訓練口語能力。

電子白版安裝方式、電腦配備要求 說明 

Book1- 15單元,約124字
Book2- 16單元,約133字
Book3- 22單元,約178字
Book4- 20單元,約166字
Book5- 19單元,約151字
Book6- 22單元,約174字

▼ Phonics Book ▼

■ 全套共二冊,每冊24 個單元。課程涵蓋所有常見的自然發音規則。有系統地認識字母和聲音的連結, 循序漸進發展音韻覺識和閱讀能力。

■ 每單元兩頁,簡明的發音規則練習題,搭配上清晰大圖,適合初學者使用。

■ 選用的單字,皆為高頻字,無形中加強孩子看字讀音能力,以及認識常用單字。


Hip Hip Hooray! Second Edition features classic stories to motivate young learners and provide a familiar context to make grammar easy to teach and fun to learn. Practice pages are interleaved to provide a 4 skills step-by-step sequence that prepares students for success.


1. Three grammar targets and vocabulary groups per unit prepare students for success
2. Assessment package with Placement Tests, Unit Tests and Mid-term and Final Tests for tracking progress
3. Online Learning Center supports teachers and students in and out of class
4. Online student activities for extended practice of every unit
5. Active Teach Interactive Whiteboard software

Level 1: Town Mouse and Country Mouse
A city mouse named Sally decides to take a trip to the country. There she meets Sam, a country mouse. Sam gladly gives Sally a tour around the country and they quickly become friends. However, Sally's peaceful visit is spoiled by a hungry cat. Will Sally and Sam escape?

Level 2: The Toy Mystery
Luck amazingly turns around for a poor toymaker and his wife! Morning after morning, they are surprised to find new toys on the shelves of their toy store. Where did the toys come from and who made them? Follow the mystery as they try to find out.

Level 3: Jack and the Beanstalk
For Jack and his family, life is a constant chore. To make ends meet, Jack trades their only cow for magic beans. One day they wake up to find a huge beanstalk growing in their garden. Jack bravely climbs up and soon finds himself face to face with a boy-eating giant. Will Jack end up being the giant's lunch?

Level 4: The Adventures of Tina Thumb
Imagine being the size of a thumb and living in a magical world made for much bigger people. For Tina Thumb this is everyday life! But just because she’s small doesn’t mean she has small dreams. Come and join the adventure as this little girl fights off a hungry bird, gets lost in a huge ocean and escapes a deadly shark!

Level 5: The Wilson Family Adventure
The Wilson family's dream vacation on a houseboat soon turns into a nightmare when their boat sinks in a terrible storm. They find themselves marooned on a strange island, with challenges lurking around every corner. When the youngest child, Celine, disappears in the forest, things seem to take a turn for the worse. Where is Celine? And will they ever be rescued?

Level 6: Jon and the Treasure Key
For young Jon Huckleberry his morning started like any other, with his Aunt Molly yelling at him to stop daydreaming about hidden treasure and do his chores! But then Jon discovers a special machine that takes him to a jungle in Mexico. There he meets Elena, who takes him on a treasure hunt adventure. Will Jon and Elena get back the ancient treasure key and stay alive?


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